Friday, January 1, 2010



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great sunday with Model and friends!

Today, I wake up at 7am for my shoot with Jorene! she was a nice girl and looking forward for some goth picture with her with friends alven and joe!

We meet up at upper penang road at 8 and went for breakfast follow by shooting in 3 different location.
great days and great picture benn stay tuned for new picture and stuff!

Monday, November 2, 2009


hello, feeling awkards with the title. Well, first of all, thank to our penang friends from Production so call as webmaster the old time. He has been a good friend of mine since college time till this year. Why??? Long and pathetic story.

I have called up this stupid company, ABC_ to renew my application and they called up this Jonath_n guy. If you don want to do my business, just reply I'm no more in this business but the reply was told to me as today was".......don know, the person is no more doing in business", Quoted by the person in charge in KL. They just want to confirm that belongs to who.....and guess what did out Jonath_n reply and did to me?...".......don know, the person is no more doing in business",

Quoted on 17.September 2009 at 12.28pm:
"Who u speaking to!So rude, Ur hosting is expired, domain name soon to be expired. Told u earlier and when die only want to dig holes. How many times u wan me to send u the Account info? And the "web design" for topdual, u may not use because is my "Design" n u already TL me, we have no relationship. Only business talk." Quoted by Production owner.

Is this the way of doing business and friends talk??? I've always known that nothing is free. Whenever my friends did something for me, I'' treat them to dinner or lunch without limits. Call what you want! As a webmaster, u should not delete all your clients webpage.....just like that! This will ruin your future as it shows where your responsibilities lies on.......below my feet!

And the "web design" for topdual, u may not use because is my "Design" n u already TL me, we have no relationship. Only business talk........if this is te case....How about my petrol money that take you round KL without paying me? would you puke out petrol for me instead???

A domain name worth how much?? RM 65.00. If you want to Sabotage me........please go ahead. To the ABC company, They quoted me " SSM CERTIFICATE can be bought outside, please send us the company letterhead with company chop to validate your existence". Guy and gals, is this LOGIC?

I've send them Borang A and Borang D and they quoted me as fake! Thanks to Jonath_n for the good answer when they called him. Just RM65.00 .......and this kind of bullshit thing happen. i will inform to my lawyer regarding this matter and we see how!!!

Damm, this is my day of today............very tired with all this junk and frustration. remember guy and gal, think before you do, as it will come back to you one day! The world is round and it will cycle back to you!

Friday, October 30, 2009

picture time

well, as promised, picture will be uploaded when everything is cleared up and CW Studio was appointed for these events as OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER and it was a great events.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepavali Day 2009

it's been a month since I last post........sorry.....I was too busy due to my works.......
If this followed smoothly, I'll be expanding both of my company soon.

The power team of my BNI (HomeService) had been exploded. Our work load are too many......which means....lot of referral. My CW Studio which on the photographing and designing had lot's of works to touch up and patch up for the events ...........Recently, the freshly ......Sunway Carniwal Saree competition 2009 which CW Studio was appointed as the official photographer for the main event which started last week till yesterday......Deepavali Eve's.

Congrats to the winner Pannir Selvi. Thanks to the event co-ordinator (Velvet production), Sunway Carnival management, Max hairstyle, Ivy make-up stylist to accomplish the event.

Well, it's the end of the year.......wish everyone the best for the next year and photo will showing later.....

thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's thursday

Well.......I'm not in a good had been sabo by my fucktup webmaster..........

today whole day rain.....wet outside during service time........


Friday, September 11, 2009

It's friday baby....

I'm very excited as oter people have started calling me for portrait shooting for them. Well guess it paid off after so much of stuff been invested and company details.........CW Studio!

Today, not much of thing to do but travel from bayan lepas to juru, then to Mega mall, off to Batu Feringghi!
Damm, too much driving then work time! My company anniversary is coming soon......7 years....yeah!

CW Studio will be celebrating it's 1st anniversary in two month time! Don know where to goto celebrate?

Well.......that it for now as got practice for my band tonight and performance this sunday for some charity events!

sign off.....